Product category
Plastic sheet series

Yougao provides varies of plastic sheets including PC sheets, Acrylic sheets, PS sheets, PP sheets PVC sheets, PE sheets etc.,

Plastic rod series

Yougao provides varies of plastic sheets including PC rod, Acrylic rod, PS rod, PP rod, PVC rod, PE rod, ABS rod, POM rod etc.,

Plastic pipe series

Yougao provides plastic pipes including PC pipe, PS pipe, acylic pipe, PVC pipe, PP pipe, ABS pipe, POM pipe and etc.,

Plastic film series

Yougao provides plastic film including PC film, PE film, PP film, PVC film, PA film, Pom film, Ptfe film, PVDF film, Pom film and etc.,

Plastic profile series

Yogao provides plastic profiles including PC profile, PVC profile, Acrylic profile, PS profile, PE profile, PP profile, ABS profile and etc.,

Plastic tooling series

Yougao provides CNC tooling for panels and pipes. The materials available with PC/PMMA/PS/PVC/PP sheet and etc.,

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